Zoe, Peyton, Webster, Liberty, Whitney & Jaxzyn

Zoe, Peyton, Webster, Liberty, Whitney & Jaxzyn

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Meet Whitney ... our new sister

Whitney & mama
Mom and Dad went grocery shopping yesterday.
They always look at the bulletin board on their way in.
They were surprised when they saw a picture ...
"Miss Piggy - Female Pug"
They almost forgot why they were at the store!
Mama tried to call the number - twice.
They finally went to the Sheriff's Office to get some help!
Twenty minutes and $90 later "Miss Piggy" was on her way home.
All four of us ... checking her out!
She is a big girl but we can't call her Miss Piggy!
That is just rude ...
Mama couldn't think of a name
so she asked her Facebook friends for suggestions.
They came up with a lot of good names.
Daddy came up with a few, too!
One of them was Whitney and mama really liked it.
So that is how our sister go her new name.
Zoe, Liberty, Whitney, Webster & Peyton
At least the pawrents remembered to get something for us ...
ground beef and green beans ... yummy!!!
After dinner we got to go shopping
Silly mama took her camera but didn't take too many pictures
We went to Pets Supplies Plus.
That is where we buy our food (Canidae).
While we were there daddy saw these clothes
and they were just our size
of course mama just had to buy them!
Then we went to PetsMart
Whitney had really long nails so she got a mani-pedi
She was happy when it was over.
Mama found this dress for her ...
She was so tired on the drive home she wanted to snuggle with dad
Whitney seems to be very healthy.
She is going to see the vet this week or next to make sure!
She weighs 22 lbs so she will be on a diet.
They estimate she is about 4 years old.
She was found as a stray. It's so sad ... her family must be missing her!
But we're happy to have her with us!
Until next time ...
Zoe, Peyton, Webster, Liberty & Whitney


  1. welcome whitney! what a lucky girl to get to come home with you guys! she is in for a lot of fun and a lot of love!

  2. OMP! A new sister! Whitney is a beauty and already wearing clothes! Congratulations!

  3. Whitney welcome!!! Oh you found a great home!! Enjoy the new life can't wait to learn more about you.

  4. Whitney couldn't have found a better home. Congratulations she is gorgeous and I love the clothes.
    Jo & The Pugs xx

  5. She now has you guys furever!! Please consider running a pug ranch someday!! How did she end up at the shelter? She is way too cute to be left alone....Very happy to see your new addition : ) Yay~

  6. Welcome Whitney! Did you know my mama from Oklahoma was named Miss Piggy? Yes-sirree-Bobbies!! I'll be 7 on September 2nd...so that would make my birth mama...hmmm...9 or 10 years old now.
    Much Luvums,
    George Pooh
    PS: My brother Toby and my sisters Gracie, Lily, and Mimi welcome ya' too!!

  7. Oh...and your mama and daddy got you at a perfect time...Today, August 26th (every year it be the same day), is National Dog Day...a day to remember your love of dogs and to adopt if you are so inclined. It was meant to be. God sent you, Ms. Whitney, an angel to live with your new pawrents and pug siblings. 5 pugs in one house is CRAZY but FUN and totally DOABLE.
    Much Luvums,
    The Slimmer Puggums
    George, Gracie, Toby, Lily, & Mimi

  8. Welcome to Whitney!
    What a doll. We know you will love her so much, and she will love you.
    What a pretty little girl!

  9. Your pawrents are AWESOME! And your new sissy is just precious-I hope I get to meet her in Sept :)

  10. A Big Warm welcome to Whitney. Have a great Monday.
    Best wishes Molly

  11. OMP I didn't know you guys now have a new sister...she is the bomb!!!! My mom just loves her and she looked beautiful in her new dress....we are so proud of you guys for taking her in ....was she lost with out a home? She is going to have the best home (next to mine of course) in the whole wide world....congrad's on the new kid on the block!!
    stella rose

  12. I am so happy for Whitney, and for the whole clan!!!

    Payton's Gampy

  13. OMP welcome Whitney! You sure are cute. It sure is amazing what you can find at the grocery store these days... you just never knows what the parents will come home withs!


  14. How wonderful and what an incredibly lucky puggie she is! We are so happy that you are now a family of five too! 5 dogs rocks!

    urban hounds

  15. oh my! what's one more, right? congrats on your latest addition to your family.