Zoe, Peyton, Webster, Liberty, Whitney & Jaxzyn

Zoe, Peyton, Webster, Liberty, Whitney & Jaxzyn

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Whitney's Day Out

Even though my birthday was a couple of weeks ago
I never did post my about my birthday presents
I got a purple t-shirt and a pink sweater,
a pretty pink harness,
and a couple of toys including
PITK braided rope toy.
I also got a charm with my name on it,
also from PITK
My furiend,  Stella, sent me a card
and a "W" charm! I love it ... Thanks, Stella!
And now ~ about my adventure ...
This past Sunday mom and dad signed up
to volunteer at Petco for KPR and they took me!
A couple of people wanted me but daddy told them
there are lots of pugs that need homes ... but not this one!
That made me very happy!!!!!
After we finished we went to McDonald's for ice cream
This is some goooood stuff
Mama got me cleaned up and said we were going to
go see grandpaw
and grandmaw
And I got to meet my aunts ...
Princess is next to me and Fluffy is in front of her.
We had fun playing and grandmaw gave us treats!
I am still exhausted ... but it was so much fun!
Until next time ...
Love Whitney
(and Zoe, Peyton, Webster & Liberty)


  1. Whitney, you hit the puggy lottery, both with presents and a big family! And its nice to see you spread the world about rescue pugs, keep up the good work!

    Scarlet & Meredith

  2. Good job whitney on telling everyone about rescue pugs!!! you look so sweet in your little sweater...I am glad you liked your "W"!!!! Your soul sista Stella Rose

  3. Whitney you landed on all four paws alright. Love seeing all the family. Have a wonderful Wednesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  4. We gave you something on our cupcake blog.
    stella rose

  5. Way to go Whitney! Glad your birtday and outing was pawsome! The ice cream looks deelish!

    Bailey, Hazel & Greta

  6. You lucky kid!!! Looks like you had a super special day
    Benny & Lily

  7. I can tell you had a wonderful birthday! Ice cream on your face!!! Oh I wish I had some on mine too.
    What a wonderful day!

  8. Whitney you are adorable eating your ice creams!!!

  9. oh what a wonderful birthday!! that ice cream looks super yummy. my pugs are jealous!

  10. Whitney, you are only lucky pug! A great new family and an awesome birthday! You will have many more and they will all be fabulous!

  11. you really found the perfect family! you better to get used to living the good life!

  12. You had such an awesome birthday! Mum says she luvs it how you volunteer to do the table for the pug rescue. It is such a great idea! I am so glad you found your furever home! you fit right in there on your Dad's lap.

    Winston WIlbur

  13. Hi Whitney!

    Happy Belated Birthday!
    You got some pretty amazing gifts!
    That was so awesome of you and your parents
    to volunteer! Looks like you had a great time!

    -Dana, Daisy & Bruce

  14. Whitney, you hit the jackpot as far as families go. Glad you had a wonderful day!

  15. Happy belated Birfday. Wow you sure got some nice stuff, and Ice cream..How cool is that! xx00xx

    Mollie and Alfie