Zoe, Peyton, Webster, Liberty, Whitney & Jaxzyn

Zoe, Peyton, Webster, Liberty, Whitney & Jaxzyn

Thursday, June 27, 2013

I got mail ...

Twice this week!
My dear sweet gurlfuriend, Mimi Roo,
sent me a card and her picture.
Mama helped me open the card ...
I was confused, at first ...
It's NOT my birthday.  Then mama read the card to me.
Mimi sent me a picture ... in her birthday suit!
Isn't she beautiful!?!
I kept trying to kiss her picture.
Mama said we would put it in my scrapbook.
Guess what?????
I got mail again today!!!!!
A package from Pugs In The Kitchen addressed to me!
Daddy helped me open it ... I was so excited!
Look at what was inside ...
Pizza and Rosemary Chicken treats.
Mimi said these were some of her favorites!
Mine, too!!!
She also sent me a "Mr Perfect" charm for my collar
and a heart-shaped toy!
Thank you, Mimi Roo!
I love all of my prezzies!
You're the best gurlfuriend a guy could ask for ...
Love, Webster

Friday, June 21, 2013

Our furiend, Benny!

in honor of our furiend, Benny
Last week Benny and his family
found out that he has liver cancer.
Here we are showing our support for Benny
Whitney, Liberty, Zoe, Webster & Peyton
(YES ... real "men" wear pink!)

It's going to cost thousands of dollars for treatment
and Benny needs our help!
So, please put on your boxing gloves
and help our furiend, Benny!
We gave up our treat money ... won't you do the same?
Please go here to donate.
Even $1 will help!
Get well soon, Benny!
We love you ...
Love Zoe, Peyton, Webster, Liberty & Whitney

Monday, June 10, 2013

I'm a volunteer

Come on ... Let's go!
We went to Indianapolis to help
raise money to help pugs.
Mom and Dad were so proud of me.
I'm really shy but I let everyone pet me
and I even let little kids feed me treats!
And I played with some really big dogs.
After we left we went to visit furiends.
First we went to see The Pug Possee
(There are a couple more not in this picture)
Their mama makes Pugs in the Kitchen treats.
I asked mama if we could buy some and
I promised I would share them ...
Of course, how could she resist!?!
Our cookie jar is filled!
We were invited to a pawty!
Bella - the 'lil black girl in the left corner
and her pawrents and human brother went, too!
We went to see our furiends
Jax, Frank & Annabelle
It was their human brother's birthday!
He chased me around me around the yard.
I didn't like that but I got some hamburger,
hotdog and ice cream ... so I decided he was okay!
It was such a fun day!
Love, Liberty

Friday, June 7, 2013

Meet my gurlfuriend ... Mimi Roo

We were reading all of our furiends blogs
and saw that our furiend, Mimi Roo,
was searching for a boyfuriend ...
Just look at her ... she is so beautiful!
AND she loves cheese and ice cream, too ... I must be dreaming!
I immediately posted a message and guess what???
She picked ME to be her boyfuriend!!!
I can't believe what a lucky guy I am ...
Love, Webster
PS ... I think my siblings are jealous!

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Webster's Gotcha Day ... Weekend!

Mama's birthday was Tuesday ...
Webster, Whitney, Mama, Zoe, Liberty & Peyton
Four years ago ... I was mama's birthday present!
Here I am with my birth mom, Holly,
and my adopted mom - 05/31/2009
Here is me and mama on 05/31/2013
On Friday, mama and daddy took me
to Burger King for ice cream
I LOVE ice cream ...
LQQK ... chicken strips
and I didn't have to share them!
I also got some presents ...
an Old Navy t-shirt, a hedgie
and some edible teething rings that
I had to share with my siblings
(My sisters think the hedgie is theirs ...
they won't let me play with it!)
On Saturday morning daddy made
all of us scrambled eggs with
chipped beef and swiss cheese
to go with our kibble
On Saturday afternoon we got these
yummy ice cream cones
They look so big, don't they!?!
Can you believe the cones are less the 2"???
Mama found them at Walmart and knew they
would be the perect size for us!
(I ate mine in 3 bites!!!)
On Sunday we got some
rotisserie chicken but mama forgot
to take a picture.
I hope your weekend was as great as mine!
Love, Webster
(Zoe, Peyton, Liberty & Whitney)