Zoe, Peyton, Webster, Liberty, Whitney & Jaxzyn

Zoe, Peyton, Webster, Liberty, Whitney & Jaxzyn

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Happy New Year!

We're ready to start the new year

So we'll get dressed up ...
And PARTY like it's 2014!






We wish you the best in 2014!

Whitney, Liberty, Zoe, Webster & Peyton

Friday, December 27, 2013

Merry Christmas from Mimi Roo ...

My gurlfuriend ... Mimi Roo
sent me a pawsome Christmas present

WOW ... it's so big!
I wonder if Mimi is in here!?!

Come on Mom ... let me open them!

A game ... I can't wait to play!
This is fun ... I could do this all day!
Thanks my love ...
I hope you like your present, too!
Love, Webster

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas

We must have been really good this year ....
There was lots of stuff in our stockings
(it wouldn't all fit)

Mama thinks we have enough
treats to last until Valentine's Day!
What do you think??? 
And we each got one wrapped gift
A hoodie mama ordered online from Pug Possessed
We hope you had a wonderful holiday!
Love Peyton, Webster, Zoe, Liberty & Whitney

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Twas the night before Christmas

When all through the house
not a creature was stirring,
not even a pug .....
The stocking were hung
by the chimney with care,
in hopes that St. Nicholas
would soon be there .....

(Thanks UP TV for giving us Yule Log!)
Merry Christmas Eve furiends!
Love Zoe, Peyton, Webster, Liberty & Whitney

Saturday, December 14, 2013

I have a secret

Don't tell the others but I'm ...
Zoe, Peyton, Webster, Liberty & Whitney

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Almost wordless Wednesday

Counting the days until Christmas ...
We're anxiously waiting .....
Love and Kisses,
Zoe, Peyton, Webster, Whitney & Liberty

Saturday, December 7, 2013


We saw Santa Paws today!!!!!
Zoe asked for Greenies
Peyton asked for Edible Nylabones
Webster asked for Nylabone Puppy Chews
Liberty asked for a reindeer antler
but said she'd be happy with a bully stick!
(Can't make Santa mad!)
Whitney asked for a stuffie with a long tail
Mama wanted a picture of all of us
with Santa Paw but Whitney wouldn't look ...
So mama went over and told her
she only wanted one picture ...
We hope you get to see Santa Paws!!!!!
Love Zoe, Peyton, Webster, Liberty & Whitney

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Wordless Wednesday

'Tis the season ...
Love Webster & Liberty
aka Santa and his cute 'lil Elf

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Count Down to Christmas

Happy December!
Look what mama got for us ...
an official count down  - Days 'til Christmas
Is it too late to start being good?
Love, Peyton